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Silca Sicuro Titanium Bottle Cage - Midnight Blue Cerakote

Silca Sicuro Titanium Bottle Cage - Midnight Blue Cerakote
  • Color: Midnight Blue Cerakote
Midnight Blue Cerakote
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In our quest to create the ultimate bottle cage, we found ourselves completely fascinated by the look, feel, and durability of tubular titanium construction. This combination of design characteristics produces a cage that has better retention on gravel and other harsh surfaces and has proven to be the superior design when mounted on the underside of the down tube, so common in adventure riding and touring. While classic in appearance, this material, and its manufacturing is as complex and high tech as it gets.

Cerakote is the world's leading high performance ceramic coating for use in aerospace, military, and biomedical applications. At only 1 micron thick, Cerakote high performance ceramic coating increases abrasion resistance by more than 100 times while increasing corrosion resistance more than 1000 times over traditional metal finishes and paint coatings. Cerakote even improves fatigue resistance by eliminating the possibility of surface scratching or notching which can lead to stress cracking over time.

Please note that while Cerakote is the hardest, most durable ceramic coating currently available, however, it is not magic and is roughly equivalent in hardness to the hardest sand particles including aluminum oxide and garnet. Cerakote continually exposed to abrasion by these sand materials will eventually scratch and begin to wear and will not be covered under warranty. Routine cleaning of the cages and cleaning of bottles is recommended to remove any embedded abrasive particles which can accelerate this wear.


As with all paint processes, Cerakote is created in batches. One batch can be slightly darker or lighter than another. One batch may have a bit more gloss than the other. This is due to the way the paint is processed and a very slight variation in the mix can cause slight variations in color or gloss

• 30g
• Midnight Blue Cerakote coating
• Easy in-and-out
• 3-2.5 titanium tubing
• Hand bent in indianapolis
• Laser welded
• Extremely secure design

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Midnight Blue Cerakote AM-HY-002-ASY- 0614 210000064361