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Bike Service & Repair

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Custom Bike Love.

At Cyclepath, our motto is Custom Bike Love. Designing and executing custom bicycle builds is something we are passionate about. It's a process that allows us to get to know you and understand what matters most to you in a bike. Catering what we do to the individual allows us to develop real relationships with folks who share our passion for these human-powered adventure machines. The result is we get to routinely build bikes as unique as you are. 

And while we love custom and pro-builds, custom wheel-building, and high level suspension service, we are happy to work on all makes and models of bicycle, and bring the same level of care and enthusiasm to every bike we service. We strive to treat every bicycle that makes its way into the shop stand as if it were our own. 

Custom Bike Builds

Let’s build a bike for you. We are all unique individuals, and for passionate riders, a stock bike off the rack just won't cut it. At Cyclepath PDX we understand that, and that's why we specialize in custom and pro-builds, custom wheel building (courtesy of our in-house company True Love Wheels), and custom suspension setup. Understanding you, what you need from your bike, and what is most important to you, will help us build you the bike that is best for you and help us get to know you in the process. Building custom bikes while building community is what it's all about.

Service and Repair

At Cyclepath PDX, we are obsessed with quality. We understand what having an optimally-performing bicycle means to you and we strive to exceed your expectations every time you entrust us with your machine. We always stand behind our service and work hard to resolve the toughest mechanical issues.   

Complete service packages are available for any bicycle, and we will evaluate and present a reasonable estimate, free of charge before we perform any work. We strive to offer the highest level of service available with complete transparency year round. We will take as much time as you need to discuss what we see and work with you to best meet your needs.

 Services and Repairs

$20 & Up

Shift adjustments

Brake adjustments

Flat repairs  

Tubeless Tire Repair

Tubeless Installation

Cushcore Installation

Wheel Builds

Wheel Truing and Spoke Replacement

Fork / Shock Service. * We service the majority of forks / shocks in house. However fork/shocks may be sent out for service. Additional charges apply.

Full Tune-Up


Drivetrain removed and cleaned in solvent tank

Frame / Fork cleaned and inspected

Wheels trued & tensioned

Brakes tuned

Shifting tuned

Frame/Fork Cleaned

Bearings inspected and adjusted in hubs, headset and bottom bracket

Worn-out parts replaced as needed

All nuts and bolt torqued to spec

* Recommended at least once/year

Complete Overhaul

$400 & Up

PDX Tune-Up +

Bearings serviced: (Headset, Bottom Bracket, Hubs) opened and completely overhauled

In case of Full Suspension, fork and shock overhauls may be added as needed

In case of Full Suspension, pivot service may be added as needed

* Recommended once/year in the case of heavy riding in wet & muddy conditions (CX bikes, Commuters, Winter MTB, etc)

True Love Wheels

True Love Wheels was founded by our shop owner years ago as a result of his passion for custom wheels. At Cyclepath, we believe everyone can benefit from a bicycle custom built for them; True Love Wheels extends that principle to the bicycle wheel.

A custom wheelset is designed and built for you and you alone. Building wheels by hand allows for a level of care and precision far beyond the capacity of machines or scope of mass production. A custom, handbuilt wheelset will fit your needs perfectly and will be built with materials and components that reflect you and your riding style. 

True Love for Life

All True Love Wheels receive complimentary wheel truing and spoke replacement for the life of the wheel (applicable to original owner, does not apply to crash damage). All components come with manufacturers' warranty on components.

True Love Wheel Build


and up

Built using precision tools to ensure highest level of radial and lateral trueness, dish and balanced tension

All wheels have been stress-relieved and are ready to ride for many, many miles. 

Workmanship Guaranteed for life

Lifetime Truing and Spoke Replacement (applicable to original owner, does not include crash damage)

True Love Wheel Services


and up

Wheel True / Tension

Application / Replacement of Tubeless Tape

Custom Spoke Cutting

Spoke calculations

Hub services

Warranty Management

Suspension Service

Let us help you keep your bike rolling smoothly when the going gets rough. Our service center is equipped to help service, rebuild and tune your suspension. Whether it's a fork, shock or dropper post we can get your bike feeling plush again and maximize your performance out on the trail. 

We routinely service Fox and Rockshox suspension components, and typically stock the necessary service parts to keep your suspension smooth and supple on the trail. For specific suspension service requests, or to book an appointment for suspension maintenance, please contact and our suspension expert Lucas will get back to you shortly.

Fork Sevice

$80 + Parts

and up

Disassembly and cleaning

Fresh Oil

New Seals and Wipers

Shock Service

$60 + Parts

and up

Disassembly and cleaning

Fresh Oil

New Seals and Wipers

Full Rebuild


Varies by product and damper

Service +

Damper cleaning, rebuild and bleed

Nitrogen or air refill as needed

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Home Bike Maintenance

We recommend having a few products at home to help you keep your bike in excellent working condition between your annual tune-ups. We have an excellent selection of essential tools, lubricants and cleaning products, and quality work stands. Shop online and pickup your items for free on your next shop visit.