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Consignment Program

Bike Consignment Program

Bike Consignment Sales

If you’ve ever sold a used bike, you’re familiar with how much of a headache it can be! After fielding dozens of customer requests for help reselling their used bikes over the years, we decided it was time to act.

We’re excited to announce a new consignment bike sale program designed to help customers who purchased a bike from us resell it. We’ll handle the stress of selling your used bike while you enjoy your time doing…well, anything else!!

We are now certified by the City of Portland to sell used bikes and verify all bikes with the Police database. If you want to sell your bike on consignment with us, please read all of the information below.

Please note: at this time we are only accepting consignment bikes from customers who originally purchased the bike from us.  This allows us to understand the bike’s history and guarantee our high standard of quality. This may change in the future, so stay tuned!

How It Works

We will accept road, gravel, or mountain bikes that are representative of the quality of bikes we typically sell. The bicycle must be in good working condition and require minor service or repairs to make the bike sale-ready. 

All bikes will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. 

We do NOT accept the following bikes at this time:

  • Bikes purchased from other bike shops

  • Bikes with dented frames

  • Bikes with carbon fiber repair

  • Bikes with aftermarket paint

  • Any bike we deem in unsuitable condition for re-sale

We reserve the right to reject any bike.

Getting started with us

If you purchased your bike from Cyclepath and are interested in reselling it, start giving us a call at 503-281-0485, or by sending an email to and include the following:

  • Pictures of your bike from the drivetrain side. Include a photo of the entire bike and a few close up shots. Also include photos of any damage.

  • Brand model, year, and any upgrades you made to the bike.

  • Price range you’re hoping to sell the bike for (it’s OK if you don’t have one yet).

  • Approximate date you originally purchased the bike from us (it’s OK if you forgot, we likely have it in our database).

We’ll contact you as soon as possible to schedule time to assess your bike. We will determine if we can sell your bike, assess what repairs (if any) are needed, and help you decide on a sale price. 

There is a $40 processing fee for each bike we take on consignment, which is paid at time of intake. You will also be responsible for any repairs made in order to sell your bike. We will provide you with a service estimate so you can decide if you’d like to make the repairs and proceed with consignment. Performing needed repairs adds value to your bike and allows us to list it for a higher selling price. Knowing that the bike has been tuned and certified by Cyclepath guarantees peace of mind for the customer looking to purchase your used bicycle. 

 Visit us today to learn more.


Dust off your old bike
and bring it to us.


Wait to hear from us while we evaluate your consignment bike.


Choose between a direct payout or a greater value in  store credit towards a
new ride!

Contact us about our consignment program today.