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Shimano GRX Limited Edition 1x Kit
The success of Shimano's 11-speed GRX gravel components in both 1x and 2x With the GRX Limited Edition series, Shimano has created a special edition silver finish that embraces the beauty of aluminum. It perfectly complements the efforts of the frame builders who blend the aesthetic form of their creations with the inherent beauty of their metal materials of choice. It can also ideally complement carbon bikes, especially all, or nearly all, black or natural carbon finishes. The bold silver finish evokes the past, but the design, performance and capabilities will carry you to far locations whether fast or at a more leisurely pace. The GRX Limited Edition Groups feature the same component build as the GRX-810 series, but with the spectacular LTD finish. This item is the 1x11 drop bar version. A 40T chainring is well matched for range and speed with an XT-level 11-42T MTB cassette. Drivetrain and braking-wise, this package has everything you need except disc brake rotors (often selected by rider preference) and a 24mm Shimano compatible bottom bracket, which will be specific to your frame. Detailed information is listed below. A limited number of these groupsets was created by Shimano, so if you are interested we recommend you don't consider your options for too long.
Shimano Shimano GRX Limited 1x11 Flat Bar Groupset
Born out of adventure and the call to Explore Beyond, Shimano delivered the first dedicated gravel components back in 2019 with Shimano GRX. Built to support riders as they pursued a wider range of terrain on drop bars, GRX parts helped advance gravel riding and opened the door to new riders around the world. Now, Shimano has released the GRX Limited Groupset to celebrate this revolutionary gravel group and the heritage of drop bar adventure riding. At its core, GRX Limited is the tried and true 11-speed mechanical GRX 800 series groupset, but the brushed and polished silver finish delivers a classy take on the quality, precision, and durability synonymous with GRX.
BOX Three P9 Wide Multi Shift Groupset
Our Box Three tier delivers many of the same capabilities of its more famous siblings yet it's built upon a simpler platform. Cassettes are accessible at 11-46T or 11-50T and fashioned with steel spiders. The derailleur exploits our Limited Slip clutch technology without the Tri-pack features. Shift easily with a comparable mechanism, although you'll forgo the hinged clamp and die-cast structure. And lastly, string it all together with a Prime 9 chain but without extravagant coatings. If you're looking to bring your 2/3 by bike into the 21st century, then level up with this group!
Shimano Shimano GRX Limited Silver 2x11 Kit
The Shimano GRX Limited Groupset offers a unique aluminum finish look for frame builders who want to bring a different aesthetic to their gravel bike. This version offers 2x 11-speed shifting and includes a front derailleur. The front derailleur offers lighter front shifting operation and easier setup with a new link construction and integrated cable tensioner. It also allows clearance for wider tires to be used which is essential for mixed terrain riding. It leaves 2.5mm more space than a conventional road derailleur, so you can equip your bike with the tools you need to venture off road.
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