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Mudhugger EVO Shorty Zip Tie Front Fender

Mudhugger EVO Shorty Zip Tie Front Fender
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The new Mudhugger EVO was designed around the the latest FOX 36 and 38’s and Rockshox ZEB to avoid the problem of the crown hitting the mudguard at full compression. This is a problem for most other fenders.

The SHORTY Mudhugger EVO Ziptie, designed with the help of DH World Cup and EWS racers.

Length 390mm - Rear extension 255mm, front extension 105mm. Width - 90mm

Weight 100g, without fittings.

Supplied with 4 zipties to install on your forks.

-More mud clearance.
-No more crown fouling at full compression.
-Optimum length, not too short, no longer than needed.
-Subtle kicker to keep length as short as possible without compromising spray protection.
-Strong enough for DH racing at the highest level.
-100% recycled PP.
-Designed, made and packed in the UK.

Part Numbers

210000057682 210000057682