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CarbonWorks MasterMount Angle Adjust Computer Mount

CarbonWorks MasterMount Angle Adjust Computer Mount
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The ultimate bike computer mount.

Fits any stem with M5 or M6 bolts, even if the stem does not have through holes. It is adjustable in angle and length and easily supports a light or camera.

With the SP CONNECT adapter you can now mount smartphones.

GoPro adapter included!

Weight – standard version for Garmin: 31 grams.

The non-adjustable special version weighs only 22 grams. Subtracting the weight of two normal stem bolts, the additional weight is only 15 grams.

The distance from the screw head to the centre of the adapter is 70mm.

The standard version can be adjusted between 8 and 32 mm.

Part Numbers

210000062987 210000062987