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Vince Rodarte

Hometown: Avocado Heights, California

Current Bike Stable: 


SURLY Rat Ride 26" SS 

SURLY Cross Check SS Gravel Edition

-What inspired you to work at Cyclepath?  

I was feeling stale in my last position and Michael contacted me to ask if I was interested in helping out at Cyclepath. 

-How long have you worked in the bike industry?   

A Looooooong time... 30 Years

-What's the most challenging repair or custom job you've done on a bike?  
I was asked to mount a front derailleur on a 1998 Schwinn Straight-8

-What is your favorite type of riding? 

Mellow pace, dirt trails, any bike I have.

-Can you share your most memorable bike related memory? 

I once rode my full-rigid 26" wheeled mountain bike up to 55 mph on a cow-trampled fireroad descent. 

-What is your favorite part about cycling?  

Cycling can be a solo journey or a social event. It is what you want it to be.

-What steps do you think that cycling organizations can take to increase diversity and inclusivity among their members?  

Get out of their comfort zone and approach areas that are under served. It's easy to go to where you know cyclists are, but go where there are few (that you know of) and you can uncover opportunity.

-In what way/s are you involved in the local bike community? 

 I've worked and participated at cyclocross races here in the Portland area since 2013. I volunteered to work events when I was at River City Bicycles.

-What do you like to do outside of biking?                                                      

I enjoy hiking, camping, going for long drives to new areas (scouting for camping/hiking/riding areas) with my wife & dogs.

-Can you share a bike road trip story? What was the experience like?  

In 1997, I drove to the Mammoth Mtn NORBA National in a buddy's dad's 4 speed VW Vanagon with a broken right wrist. The stick shift return spring busted, so I had to manually keep it in neutral between shifts.(with my broken wrist). The starter gave out a couple of hours into the drive so we had to push start it after a gas stop in 4 corners on I-395. We kept the van running the rest of the drive all the way to Mammoth. The van was fine the rest of the trip. My nerves were wrecked by the 18 year old kid that we agreed to bring along with us.

-What is your favorite local bike route? I live close to Powell Butte in SE Portland. 

This is a great area for an off-road escape on either gravel or mtn bikes. If I have the time, I'll venture a bit further east and tackle the OMTM East Buttes route.

-Have you ever competed in any bike races/events? How was that experience?  

I used to race XC MTB back in my late teens & early 20s in the NORBA Sport class. When I moved to Portland in 2010, I discovered cyclocross racing. I've been hooked ever since.

-What do you think is the biggest misconception about cycling?  

That it is difficult. It's not hard at all.