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Portland, OR

What's in your bike stable?

Niner e9 RDO, Cannondale Caad5 Track, Sworks Tarmac SL5, Open UPPER ShRAMino DuRED Ace AXi2, Enve Melee, Open MIND California

-What inspired you to work at Cyclepath? 

I was looking for a change of pace, a change of lifestyle and a chance to work with something I am passionate about

-How long have you worked in the bike industry? 


-What's the most challenging repair or custom job you've done on a bike?

Fitting Force AXS lever guts inside the bar ends of my UPPER for Shimano levers with AXS derailleurs

-What is your favorite type of riding?

Long road or gravel rides with a lot of climbing

-Can you share your most memorable bike related memory?

Cracking SOOOO hard about 70 miles into Seattle to Portland, begging my partner to let me quit, eating a good lunch and crushing the last 140 miles

-What is your favorite part about cycling?

Feeling all the feelings

-What steps do you think that cycling organizations can take to increase diversity and inclusivity among their members? 

Highlighting the perspectives of those who have not historically been included, communicating to the organization at large why those people may have felt excluded and removing barriers to entry?

-In what way/s are you involved in the local bike community?

I participate in as many different group rides as I can and I have a support role in Cyclepath's community outreach

-What do you like to do outside of biking?

Yoga and family time

-What is your favorite local bike route?

Fairmount loop and Timberline to Town