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Olympia, Wa

Open Mind California

Open U.P

Cervelo P3

BMC Teammachine SLR01

Klein Pinnacle

Prior to working at Cyclepath, I'd never properly had a job in the bike industry. In fact, despite racing road and cyclocross for nearly ten years I had a pretty rudimentary knowledge of bikes in general. Finding this amazing job was a perfect accident for me. I conveniently moved just down the street on Flint Ave, and Sparky's Pizza next door was a frequent visit for my roommates, and I. A few weeks later, I saw an ad for a sales job on BikePortland, and the rest was history.

Since the start of my time here back in 2021, I've been the resident 'roadie'. I've raced on a national level with the skinny tires since 2017, competing in Pro level criteriums, stage races, and US Pro National Championships. Road always comes back as my favorite element of cycling purely for reasons of speed and the time I can spend visiting little corners of the state, I'd never have visited otherwise. 

 I think cycling; especially the road variety, gets a bad reputation for being snooty. Cycling has always had a high priced barrier of entry that ends up alienating and excluding so many members of our community. I know I wouldn't be as involved in this sport as I currently am without the generosity of my local cycling community. Outreach and price accessible junior cycling devo programs are key to growing the sport of cycling as a whole for a new generation of riders. I always love seeing free junior race entries out there! 

Outside of the shop and my cycling life, I'm an avid backpacker, and occasional cellist.